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Morbid Poetry has never been and never will be a commercial band – we believe that money is not what spurs our effort to create new music. Yet we dare asking you for something in return for downloading our music.

Any sum will help. We offer you the music we make – may you offer a chance, a life worth living (to human or animal both), or simply a piece of this planet being kept for all of us. We open the gates to our older works also, our lasting treasures that still seem to reach quite some hearts out there. All the known Morbid Poetry songs will be available for download as well.

This is what you get – and the price we ask you to pay instead of buying the music you enjoy. Music has been the joy of our hearts, may this flame carry on in yours.

EP "Resurrection"

Production: digital download
released: 10/01/2021


All beauty ends in winter
Star to fall
An ocean of tears
The line
The coming (original version)

CD "Eclipse"

(Live And Rarities)
Production: burned/written (CD-R)
released: 31/12/2009
running time: 70 min


The Poets Alive
(recorded live in Belgium 1999)

Black Angel
My Pavement
Devil's Wheel
Babel Falls
Demon's World
Dark Night (unreleased long version)
Darling Shadow

Voices Sing
(demos and rarities)

The Liar (1991)
My Pavement (1992)
Voices Sing (1994)
Dark Night (1994)
Emptiness Remains - Part 1 (1997)
Children Of The Eighties (1999)
Guiding Light (2002)
And The Candles Burn Again (2003)
All The Days (2009)

CD "The Dance Goes On"

Production: burned/written (CD-R)
released: 1999
running time: 30 min


Babel Falls (Extended Version)
Babel Falls
Dark Night
Darling Shadow
Children Of The Eighties (Bonus Track)

CD "Pilgrims" (re-release)

Production: burned/written (CD-R) incl. original cover
released: 1996/2003
running time: 60 min


(Intro) Pilgrims
Black Angel
Devil´s Wheel
In Silent Silk
Demon´s World
The Dance
Kiss Of Death
My Pavement
Fading Thoughts